Our Mission

  • Be a conduit for support to the Body of Christ and other organizations that serve the needs of the lost, sick and poor both locally and internationally. Also assist in building a bridge that will create onramps with the private, public, government and faith communities that will strive to Empower, Educate and Advocate in building self-sufficiency for all people.
  • Help stabilize resources that will support stabilization during crisis events.

Our Vision

  • To be a bridge builder in the Body of Christ connecting natural and spiritual resources from all community sectors through education and empowerment that will build capacity to serve the lost, sick, poor and build onramps to partners.
  • The outcome will be evident through the increased covenant partners and bridge-builders that will increase the transformation of communities through the ministry of Jesus.

Indirect Services

  • Provide transportation of supplies.
  • Develop partnerships with local businesses and organizations building network capacity.
  • Volunteer opportunities for youth and adults.

Direct Services

  • Educating and training on how to maximize assets and build capacity.
  • Provide asset-based needs assessments for ministry partners and organizations.
  • Organizational, leadership and development training for establishing local and global initiatives.
  • Short-term/ Long-term mission relief.
  • Provide prospective ministry partners and organizational training for establishing local and global initiatives.
  • Empowerment and Education training that will enable the participants to take responsibility for their well-being of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.
  • Marketplace Health Evangelism includes instruction on health care awareness for men, women and children, intervention, prevention care and other basic life issues through workshops, health fairs and street evangelism.
  • Healthcare members visit homes and provide support groups for the elderly and unreached population, and share the gospel of Jesus and His message of HOPE!


  • Educate and Empower leaders that are committed to restoring spiritual alignment and allegiance to the Body of Christ for the sole purpose of equipping others for the work of the Ministry through capacity building.

  • Challenge the Body of Christ to release their God given talents and gifts to be used as a vehicle to provide resources to others to further the work of the Kingdom here on earth with the mindset of reaching the lost at any cost or barrier.

  • Build awareness within the Body of Christ on how to cultivate and activate their natural and spiritual resources from God and receive Kingdom results in the lives of others served.

  • Encourage the Body of Believers to become the bridge of HOPE to the lost, sick and the poor.

  • Mobilize a Body of Believers that will partner in repairing the breach within the Church through the "ONE NEW MAN" in Christ covenant that will extend to every region of the earth. (Ephesians 2:15)

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